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Don’t Be Yourself: Be A Better Person is available for Kindle and also available in paperback form on Amazon.com.

This book will empower you with valuable information that can make your interactions and relationships more rewarding. Purchase this book today so that you can learn the following:

1. Do you know your Dating IQTake a simple test to find out.
2. Men’s Wants – What do men really want.
3. Women’s Wants – What do women really want.
4. Sex Appeal and Swagg – Do you have it? If not, you can get it.
5. Why Men Don’t Approach – There are some not so obvious reasons.
6. Are you thirsty? – Are you too anxious and eager to date? Take a simple test to figure out if you are.
7. How to Overcome Approach Anxiety – Learn some helpful conversation tips so that you can overcome your fear of approaching people.

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Table of Contents


  1. The Approach Impasse
  2. The Hungry Don’t Get Fed
  3. The Relationship Framework
  4. Invest In Yourself

Chapter 1 – When to Be Yourself 

  1. The Dating IQ Quiz
  2. When To Be Yourself
  3. When Not To Be Yourself
  4. Dating IQ Quiz Answers
  5. Dating IQ Quiz Scores
  6. Chapter Summary

Chapter 2 – Things Unsaid

  1. Good Connections
  2. Ten topics that are not sufficiently discussed in adult relationships
  3. Number 7 – Family
  4. The List of Things Unsaid
  5. Chapter Summary

Chapter 3 – Women’s Wants

  1. Safety, Fun, and Pleasant Surprises
  2. Women Need Protection
  3. Women Want Providers
  4. The List of Women’s Needs and Wants
  5. Common Traits That Women Want
  6. The Thin Slices
  7. Note to Nice Guys
  8. Avoid Limiting Beliefs
  9. Chapter Summary

Chapter 4 – Men’s Wants

  1. Understanding Men
  2. Are Men Afraid to Commit?
  3. The Top 10 Qualities Men Want in a Woman
  4. How to Appeal to Introverted Men
  5. The 90-Day Rule: Is it a good idea?
  6. Chapter Summary

Chapter 5 – Sex Appeal

  1. What is Sex Appeal?
  2. The Four Elements of Sex Appeal
  3. Sense and Sex Appeal
  4. What is Swag?
  5. Chapter Summary

Chapter 6 – Why Men Don’t Approach

  1. Why Men Don’t Approach
  2. Should women approach men?
  3. Chapter Summary

Chapter 7 – The Hungry Don’t Get Fed

  1. You Can Get What You Don’t Need
  2. Are You Thirsty?
  3. Pursue With Patience
  4. The Thirsty Test
  5. Honesty and Thirst
  6. Thirsty Test Answers
  7. Thirsty Test Scores
  8. Chapter Summary

Chapter 8 – How to Overcome Approach Anxiety

  1. Don’t Fear Mistakes
  2. The Conversation Framework
  3. Seven Things That You Can Do to Improve Your Conversation Skills
  4. How to Get a Date
  5. Going for a Kiss
  6. Chapter Summary

Chapter 9 – Good Communication

  1. Honesty is Sometimes Not the Best Policy
  2. Honest Compliments
  3. Truth, Lies, and Good Communication
  4. Nice Guy Communication
  5. Chapter Summary

Chapter 10 – Spirituality and Self

  1. Can you be Spiritual and Be Yourself?
  2. Peter’s Denial of Christ
  3. Prayer and Strength
  4. Chapter Summary



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