Why Trump Could Win

ByDavid Ross

Why Trump Could Win

Politics in the United States, is very negative and divisive. In addition to that, many politicians are only interested in helping the wealthy and influential – which often contributes to a dysfunctional political process. Although the political process can be dysfunctional, we can learn from it because some politicians, and non-politicians, communicate their messages very effectively and are popular as a result.

Donald Trump is a prime example of a non-politician who communicates very effectively with his supporters – Republican primary voters. He communicates with them so well many of them are not concerned with the fact that a) he was a Democrat, b) he supported some Democratic Party causes or c) he spoke out against some Republican Party causes. His supporters probably view his past support for Democrats as an irrelevant, pesky little detail because Trump is a remarkably good communicator. He gives the impression that when he’s with you, he is with you. He unapologetically communicates the concerns of many voters.  As a result, he is viewed as the real deal.

Former First Lady, New York Senator, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is sometimes not perceived as the real deal. Some people question whether or not she is authentic or genuine because she is not as “interesting” as Donald Trump, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, or others in the political arena. Many of the people who question her authenticity are indirectly saying that they don’t want her to be herself. I say this because, if you think about it, Hillary Clinton is a cautious person. She doesn’t say or do controversial things. She seems like a smart, pragmatic person who likes to listen and analyze more than she likes to talk. Therefore, she is authentic when she plays it safe or carefully answers a question. Unfortunately, playing it safe and avoiding controversy sometimes makes you seem uninteresting. Donald Trump is well aware of that fact.

Donald Trump thrives on controversy. He has made statements that offend women, Hispanics, African Americans, and Muslims. In addition to that, Trump has offended the Republican establishment by figuratively extending a middle finger to their customs and traditions. For example, in a television interview, Trump stated that the September 11th terrorist attacks happened on former President George W. Bush’s watch. This statement was controversial among many Republican politicians because, for some odd reason, Republican politicians (including Bush’s brother Jeb) often said that George W. Bush “kept us safe.” Saying that Bush “kept us safe” implied that George W. Bush kept the country safe during his entire presidency. It seemed odd that Democrats never challenged that statement because U.S. presidents take office on January 20th. The September 11 terrorist attacks obviously happened on September 11th, well after Bush’s January 20th oath of office.

Trump’s disdain for political correctness makes him a genuine threat to the Republican establishment and anyone who does not want to see him in office. He is ruthlessly pragmatic and not afraid to take on anyone – even the Pope. Furthermore, his willingness to thumb his nose at political etiquette makes him appealing to Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. That kind of appeal makes him very electable.

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