The Top 10 Qualities That Women Want in a Man

ByDavid Ross

The Top 10 Qualities That Women Want in a Man

I have surveyed and interviewed hundreds of women about what they want. I have also looked at other survey results and articles about what women want. There are many lists of men’s and women’s wants on the Internet. If a list does not include any mention of attraction, looks, or appearance, it is probably not a very accurate list. This list is based on survey results that have been corroborated by other survey results. [21] Without further ado, I present to you the list of women’s needs and wants:

The Top 10 Qualities That Women Want in a Man

  1. Safety: Since ancient times men were expected to keep their women safe. This need is biological and evolutionary. Every woman needs to feel safe – safe with her man and safe from others.
  2. Security: Women need to feel secure. Commitment, dependability, the ability to provide, and a willingness to listen are some key traits that help a woman will feel secure. Good eye contact also helps women feel secure. If you have difficulty maintaining eye contact, it might suggest that you are either unfocused or hiding something.
  3. Attraction: Women need to feel attracted to their men. Attraction is not only about looks. A man does not have to be a pretty boy with nice hair or have a cute baby face. Men can also be considered attractive when they are stylish and well-groomed. Also, men who have many or all of the qualities on this list are very attractive to women.
  4. Love and respect: Love and respect are very important in relationships. A woman feels loved when she is made the number one priority in her man’s life. She feels respected when he listens and appreciates her concerns.
  5. Good morals/character: Women like men with a good moral For some women, a good moral compass means a relationship with God. For other women, it means spiritual convictions. The key point is for men to have a good sense of right and wrong.
  6. Good communication: Good communication skills are very important. A woman appreciates when a man can listen to her concerns and can also share his concerns. Men who communicate well help women feel secure.
  7. Confidence: Confidence is very sexy to women. Confident men are not needy or thirsty. They tend to be relaxed and in control. Think of legendary movie characters like James Bond or the Godfather – they are always in control.
  8. Sense of humor/fun: Everyone likes to laugh and have fun – including women. If a man can keep his woman smiling or laughing, he will have a special place in her heart.
  9. Intelligence: Some intelligence is important because intelligent men are more likely to make intelligent decisions or display good judgment. Women like men who have good judgment – it gives the impression that they can provide.
  10. Ambition/passion: Women want a man with a plan. Men who are passionate and have goals are very attractive. There is a saying by Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

For more information about what women want be sure to read Chapter 3 – Women’s Wants in the book
Don’t Be Yourself: Be A Better Person

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