The Top 10 Qualities Men Want in a Woman

ByDavid Ross

The Top 10 Qualities Men Want in a Woman

After surveying and interviewing hundreds of men and reviewing other survey results, here are the top 10 qualities that men need or want in a woman.

  1. Understanding: Remember that, “To be happy with a man you must understand him a lot and love him a little…” A Woman should understand what is important to her man. If you are wondering what is important to men the answer is simple – this list.
  2. Sex appeal: Men want women who they find appealing sexually. A man wants to be able to visualize himself having sex with his woman. For this to happen, he needs to be deeply attracted to her. He needs to feel a physical connection. See Chapter 5 – Sex Appeal – for more details.
  3. Playfulness/fun: Many men are playful and competitive. If a man plays a sport, he usually will find it refreshing if his woman either plays the sport or appreciates his interest in that sport. She can be on his team or be his cheerleader. The same applies to non-athletic games or activities such as card games, board games, group games, etc.
  4. Good morals/character: Women with good morals and character are less likely to be involved in drama. Mature men don’t like drama. Also, men think about whether or not a woman would be a good mother for their children. Good morals and good character suggest that a woman will be a good potential mother.
  5. Emotional maturity: There will be disagreements. Men want women who can disagree without being disagreeable. Emotionally unstable women often blame or criticize their man (or others) for what they are feeling. Men respect women who can share their feelings in an honest, mature manner.
  6. Supportive / encouraging: Many men have passions and ambitions. Those men want women who are supportive and encouraging. The law of attraction says that positive thoughts lead to positive experiences. A woman who shares her man’s positive thoughts will enjoy positive experiences with him.
  7. Good communication: Men sometimes don’t process hints very well. This is because men usually communicate directly with each other and with their friends. For example, if a man wants to go rock climbing he might say “Let’s go rock climbing. It will be fun.” Or he might say “Do you want to go rock climbing?” If a woman wants to go rock climbing, she might say “I saw a good deal on a rock climbing trip.” Or she might say “Some of my friends are going rock climbing.” Typically the man would respond by saying something like “That’s nice.” Men appreciate women who can say what they want. This also applies to times when a woman has a concern. Men like women who can respectfully share their concerns. Having said that, many men realize that sometimes hinting is inevitable because that’s the way it is.
  8. Enjoys sex/intimacy: Sex and intimacy can be very therapeutic when both people engaging in the act appreciate the experience. Intimacy does not only mean sexual intercourse. Intimacy can include hugging, kissing, cuddling, massaging, etc. Sex, on the other hand, means sexual intercourse and other variations of sexual intercourse. Whether you are intimate or having sex, it should be a fun experience for both parties involved.
  9. Not need/clingy: Men don’t like clingers – women who cling to them as if they have nothing going on in their lives. Confident men appreciate women who have interests, responsibilities, and friends. Time spent apart can be healthy. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  10. Intelligence: Women sometimes feel that men want women who make them feel smart. It is more accurate that men want women who don’t make them feel dumb. A mature man can date an intelligent woman. He wants a woman with a good head on her shoulders.

For more information about what men want be sure to read Chapter 4 – Men’s Wants in the book Don’t Be Yourself: Be A Better Person

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